Unveiling public bronze portrait figure “Charles Roebling"
“Exstasis," oil painting
“Mary Magdalene," oil on canvas
"Teatro Tragico," oil on canvas
Mural titled “Chops"

Morris Docktor

Painter, Sculptor, Muralist

Morris Docktor, painter and sculptor, lives in Hopewell Township NJ. His earth-sheltered home and studio are built into a Sourland mountain hillside. Docktor studied classically at The Pennsylvania Academy of The Fine Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

He has worked continuously for five decades fulfilling sculpture, mural, and portrait commissions for private, academic, corporate, and public patrons. He is known for his exceptional skill in portraiture and figure rendering in two- and three -dimensional mediums.

Docktor’s personal style, in non-commissioned work, is more expressionist and abstract.


Among many awards Morris Docktor was awarded

  • Best in Show Professional Artists at the Cheltenham Art Museum
  • Best in Show Drawing at the Ellerslie Museum.

noteworthy commissions

  • A recently completed public sculpture commission from the Roebling Museum; a life size standing bronze portrait figure of Charles Roebling, engineer and suspension bridge builder.
  • A bronze winged cherub with fish commissioned by the Rockefeller family gardens.
  • A list of the many more noteworthy commissions available upon request.