Moonlight Sonata Oil 24 x 36
Freshly Fallen Oil 16 x 20
Sanctuary Oil 14 x 11
Lincoln Drive Oil 5 x 7

Ilene Rubin

Bucks County Artist & Author

Ms. Rubin is a national award winning artist who has been shown in exhibitions and shows in Boulder, Colorado as well as in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Lambertville, Stockton, Rosemont New Jersey, and Woodstock, Illinois.

She has been involved in art in some capacity, and most of the time in many capacities, since she was a young child. She won her first drawing award at the age of nine. She has painted murals, boots, purses, a line of women’s and children’s clothing, furniture, walls and even a radiator and closet doors with motifs that range from folk art designs to landscapes. Basically, anything that can be painted is in serious consideration for painting. She is still painting ‘stuff’ but spends most of her time now painting the landscape and still life.

For Ms. Rubin, it’s a mesmerizing vista that captures her imagination, the dance of shadow and the bold and unabashed explosion of autumn color that makes her canvases sing. Capturing a landscape is, for Ms. Rubin, a permanent record of a beauty that is quickly shrinking due to development and environmental decay. A moment in time, forever preserved, even if the painting itself is an interpretation, will have her running for her brushes or pastels.

She graduated Philadelphia College of Textiles and Sciences with a major in Retail Management, a Textile Design Minor, and attended UCLA Writer’s Extension Program in Los Angeles, CA. She also served as the Vice President of the New Hope Art League in New Hope, PA. Ms. Rubin is Co-Founder of Broads With Brushes, a group of local artists who show their art in local venues.

She has also written four novels: All are murder mysteries / psychological dramas: As The River Flows, which is set in New Hope, Pa, and, Reason To Kill. Both are published and available for purchase at or Thicker Than Blood, and A Thousand Deaths are in the editing stage. Look for them soon. Ms. Rubin has also written a screenplay and 3 stories for children. She was a guest columnist for The Thousand Oaks Star with a column titled, Neighbors Next Door.

Ms. Rubin grew up in West Oak Lane and Elkins Park. She’s lived in Elkins Park, Thousand Oaks, California, Boulder, Colorado, and now calls Doylestown home, where she lives with her husband and two dogs. You can follow her events at her website,

Artist Statement

I’m an artist who feels very strongly about the emotional and instinctive force which drives the creative process. I want to feel that a location or object absolutely has to be explored. That exploration with paint creates a reality of that place or still life and in doing so, makes it real. That sense that I must document it is urgent and required or I will not rest until I’ve said every bit of what I need to convey about it. It’s organic and ever-evolving, but unless my painting can reveal the artist in the art and at the same time be an inner mirror for a viewer, it’s merely a rendering of color and form – but not stirring. I strive to reveal what’s below the paint, what a viewer may remark is an invitation to walk in and look around. Then I know I’ve captured a moment in time or given an object the opportunity to seem physically real. It may not be what is seen outside your window or on your table in perfect clarity, and maybe it’s really only felt or sensed, but if it made a viewer consider its innate beauty just for one minute, then I feel happy to have conveyed something they did not realize of myself until seeing my paintings.

My greatest joy is when someone looks at my paintings all together in an arrangement on the wall, and then looks at me differently. That’s a wonderful moment and I never tire of it. For me, that is the creative process, which is driven by an instinctive knowledge of what is compelling and what is merely ordinary. My job is to understand that capturing the ordinary can reveal the compelling.