Chinese brush painting an ink

Tree of Life

Australian Aboriginal Dot Painting Style

Can't Stop the Spirits When They Need You

Can't Stop The Spirits When They Need YOu

Heather Dalton

Infusing Modern Art with Ancient Cultures

My art = the natural meets the ethereal to become metaphysical.  I make jewelry, belly dance, and specialize in Chinese brush painting and Chinese calligraphy, which I also teach.  I aIso do Australian Aboriginal and Inuit Art. I see it as infusing Modern Art with ancient cultures.  I studied Fine Arts at Bucks County Community College, and then went on to Jewelry Sales & Design at the Gemological Institute of America in NYC, and I’ve taken courses from the Museum of Modern Art.  My major is now in Asian Studies, and I first learned Chinese painting while taking a course through Harvard University.  I have been taking courses online through Tsinghua University, Beijing, China for the past year.  I hope my art serves a higher purpose, to introduce people to other cultures, to help us all understand each other, and possibly bring us all together.