Cadence #6
Spring on the Canal
Cadence #16
Bucks County Playhouse
Prallsville Mills

Cindy Roesinger

Contemporary Oil Paintings

Awarded the distinction of 1st Place in the international competition for minimalist painters in 2016 by the American Art Award association, Cindy’s unique style reflects intuitively created landscapes and still lifes in oil, created largely alla prima, with a palette knife.

Emphasizing a more organic aesthetic by expressing spontaneous, direct feeling, there is an energy and vibration created in her current work that emphasizes essential movement, form and color, while eliminating extraneous detail, leaving the viewer with the origin of the image, and the moment that inspired it’s creation. “I often align my work closely to what feels like musical composition to me. When I approach the creation of a new work of art, I am seeking a visceral response to the lyrical quality unfolding within the work. Sometimes that is expressed in a harmonious, quiet painting with soft tones, represented in kind by the palette and treatment of the shapes and edges within, perhaps punctuated by a moment of discord for emphasis, and other times it is like a symphony with layers of color and movement. My intention is to create a sonata of interlocking monologues that engage the viewer.

Cindy’s professional career began in 1984 in New York City at the International Center for Photography and Magnum Photos, leading to a successful career as a photo editor. A self-taught painter, Cindy transitioned from photography into oil painting in 2005, after moving to Bucks County, PA. Her internationally acclaimed work has garnished awards and inclusion in notable invitational and solo exhibitions and galleries. She currently resides and works in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.