While visiting my son and his fiancé in Houston, Texas, we attended a farm market, where they bought this lovely bouquet. It was a gray, rainy day, but you'd never know it from the bright flowers.
This interior door is at the Stover Myers Mill, along the Tohickon Creek in Bedminster Township, Bucks County, PA. This painting is the first in what is expected to be a series of paintings of interesting doorways.
Pearl S. Buck Home. I've spent many hours at the Pearl S. Buck House in Bedminster Twp., Pa., where I taught novel writing workshops for several years.
This view greeted me when leaving the previous location of Kimberton Whole Foods in Ottsville, PA, where I did much of my food shopping. Locals will recognize the scene.
The Phillips Mill in Solebury Twp., PA has a long history in the arts community of Bucks County. Built in the mid-1700s, it became a playhouse for children of then-owner Dr. George Marshall and neighbors in the early 1900s. Afternoon tea at the mill for local artists and neighbors was the beginning of a community association. Early members included artists Fern Coppedge, Daniel Garber, Edward Redfield, and Walter Schofield. Dr. Marshall sold the mill to the newly-formed Phillips Mill Community Association in 1929, and the first Art Exhibition (which continues today) was held that year.

Anita Nolan


Anita Nolan grew up on a farm in Western Pennsylvania, where—at the age of 10—she drew an almost perfect pirate for the “win a scholarship to art school” contest that was in the local newspaper weekly (next to the comics). She asked her mother to submit it, but found the drawing, years later, tucked in a drawer. No art school scholarship for Anita. (Thank goodness! Nothing to unlearn.)

Although her freshman English professor recommended she major or minor in English because of her writing skills, Anita graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Food Science (go figure). She married her husband shortly after graduation, moved to Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and began a short career in the food industry, where—among other things—she made test batches of cheesecake daily for six months. While cheesecake never made it to the production floor, Anita still makes excellent desserts.

A couple of years later, Anita landed a job writing for a food industry trade journal, and eventually opened her own gourmet shop, (where she made plenty more cheesecakes.) She sold the shop when she became pregnant. Anita returned to writing (this time about the commercial real estate industry) after her youngest went to middle school.

While she has dabbled in all sorts of arts and crafts – especially quilting – over the years, it was only following the death of her husband that she tried oil painting. She began lessons with Jim Lukens, Main Street Gallery, Quakertown, in early 2018, fell in love with painting, and has put brush to canvas almost every day since. She paints plein air when the weather permits, and in her studio when it doesn’t.

She is a member of the Doylestown Art League, New Hope Art Guild, Artsbridge, and the River Rats Plein Air group. She volunteers with the Tinicum Civic Association, which runs the Tinicum Arts Festival and the Stover Mill Gallery in Tinicum Township, Pa., where she now resides.

Anita especially loves the New Hope Impressionists and aspires to paint like them “when she grows up.”