Dyes on Silk, Oils, Pastels, Photography, Fractals

Addie Hocynec enjoys the challenge of working in a variety of media including photography, dyes on silk, pastels, oils, acrylics and digital fractals. She finds that each media has something special to offer. Whether it’s photography, painting or digital fractals, the process of discovery is quite exhilarating- a willingness to take chances and explore what each medium has to offer.


Born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Addie graduated with a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in Art. She had intentions of pursuing a career in art therapy but took a detour and ended up in the field of Photography. She graduated from Photography School specializing in commercial photography and went on to work for several different studios in the Philadelphia area as well as a printing house in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


In addition to photography, she has been painting on silk for the last 25 years. In 1992, she exhibited for the first time with the Bucks County Guild of Craftsmen concentrating on wearable silks. The following year she was juried into The Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen. Since 1995 she has focused mainly on fine art shows.


Fascination with color and all its nuances is a driving force for her work. Known for her vibrant, richly colored landscapes and her abstracts that evoke the moods of nature, Addie’s style is both free flowing and imaginative, charged with spontaneity and energy. Her landscapes are meditations on the subtler aspects of nature and the seductive power of light, color and texture. Her fractal works are graphical representations of mathematical formulas where she controls the image by manipulating their parameters. Size, form, texture, lighting, and color can all be altered by adjusting the math equations.


In 2014, Addie joined a plein air painting group, now called the Peace Valley Plein Air Painters. Every Wednesday from April to November she joins other artists who accept the challenge of painting outdoors in the elements. Working with oils using brush and palette knife, nature provides an endless source for inspiration.